You may not want to settle for low quality venue PA or your fixed point entertainers PA. Ensure that your guest/VIP speakers are not too loud for the guests at the front and not too quiet for the guests at the back. To do this you need speakers at the back of the room and at the front. We use QSC speakers which are the best in the industry for sound quality and clarity, there is no irritating buzzing when they arent in use and when in use, there is a 95 degree angle. Guide as below:

20 – 50 guests = 2 * QSC K12 speakers                      =  £120

51 – 100 guests = 4 * QSC K12 speakers                     = £185

101 – 175 guests = 6 * QSC K12 speakers                    = £245

176 – 250 guests = 8 * QSC K12 speakers                    = £310

Enquire for prices on PA for more that 250 guests.


These speakers can also come with a mini jack (head phone input) [ + £10] so that you can play ambient music at the start of your event or play awards music during the awards ceremony.

This set up is also suitable for wedding speeches, auctions, charity events, corporate award ceremonies and corporate parties. We deliver, install and test anywhere around Leicester, Leicestershire and the surrounding areas.